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American Diesels
Spare parts available - subject to stock availablity
The Bv206 has been produced in 11100 units:

- 5000 each All Terrain Vehicles, type BV 206 V-6 (Ford V-6 Petrol Engine)
- 600 each All Terrain Vehicles,type BV 206 D-5 (Mercedes Diesel Engine)
- 5500 each All Terrain Vehicles, type, BV 206 D-6 (Mercedes Diesel Engine)
The BV206 is deployed in 37 countries ( Norway 2 200)
BV206 is designed to meet tough military requirements for high mobility in all climates, high reliability and low maintenance costs. The vehicle consists of two units on tracks, with all four tracks driven at all times. The front and rear unites are connected with an ingenious steering device. This device provides the steering control between the two units at the same time as it allows necessary freedom for the two its two individually follow uneven terrain.

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